I’m a freelance product (UX/UI) designer.

After studying and working in digital design for about 10 years across a broad variety of companies, I started freelancing to help small and growing businesses achieve their digital goals. 

I believe design should be user-centered and always cater to the business goals.

About me

I’m Susanne Steinbach, a freelance product (UX/UI) designer based in the Netherlands. My passion for design started when I was young. To be exact, when I was 12 years old, and discovered the many things I could create on my computer. Following my interests in human behavior, technology, and design, I decided to study computer communication, marketing & design in order to work in conversion optimization and UX. 

Working for several digital agencies, I have been able to gain a lot of experience by working for various large national & international companies – such as KLM, Volkswagen, Centraal Beheer, and ABN Amro – as well as for smaller companies. While engaging with such a great variety of companies, I realized that I am very passionate about helping smaller sized companies grow their business. That is why as a Freelancer, I focus on working for start-ups and small to medium-sized companies.

Time and time again, I see that creating digital products is a real team-effort between UX researchers, designers, marketers, developers, and many more fields of expertise. I look forward to playing a part in your mission and collaborating with your team!

I aim to be a valuable extension of your project team

Planning & structure

Being a very well structured person, I can help you define, plan, and take the needed steps to achieve your project goals.

User centric & Data driven

Knowing what your users want will help you make the right business decisions. I will gladly be the advocate for your target audience through research & analysis.


Having experience in development, marketing and design, I can perfectly communicate and collaborate with your team to achieve your project goals.

Got a project or a challenge?

Let’s grow your business together!