Ready made designs
for your Lodgify website

Please know that i’m currently working on getting these templates better presentable.
Currently you can only see limited style variations per template and only the desktop version.

I’ll help you create your Lodgify website.
So you can go live in no time!

Adding custom code to your site to make you stand out from the rest.


Your website looks good on all devices. So you'll get bookings from all devices.


Created with 12+ years of experience in conversion optimisation in mind.


Make it truly yours by changing the colors, fonts, layout, graphics, etc.

Ready-made designs starting at €550

The basic templates start at €550*, and include the following things:

Your website

  • 4 Pre-designed pages (Homepage, About, Contact, Reviews)
  • Responsive implementation of the design in one (1) language in your branding 
  • Cohesive styling of non-customizable Lodgify pages
  • Up to 30 hard-coded reviews (alternatively you can purchase an automated integration from the add-ons)
  • One video integration on a page of your preference.

Help & Documentation

  • Workbooks to help you write your website copy
  • Walkthrough videos on how to adjust your contents after hand-off
  • A page with all default sections of the purchased design for you to reuse on other pages as needed

You can make your site more tailored by selecting add-on’s

*All prices seen on this page are excluding taxes and a 3.6% payment fee for non-EUR payments. Standard Dutch taxes of 21% apply if you are not a registered company.

Generally, the project consists of 2 phases:


  1. Select your template & pay deposit
  2. Hand in all required documents (workbooks, logins, brand style details etc.)
  3. Schedule your project start date 

Active project (2-3 weeks):

  1. Preview of the template in your branding
  2. Responsive development
  3.  Feedback round(s)
  4. Go live 🎉

The total lenght of the project depends on when you can hand in the needed documents.
Once that is done, you get to choose your project start-date (depending on availability). From that date on, the website can go live in 2-3 weeks. The maximum lenght is 3 weeks before you need to select another start date. 

A website is heavily influenced by styling elements such as the colors, fonts and images. 

So the best way to select the template for your properties, is to not pay too much attention to the styling, but rather to focus on the overall structure and layout of the elements you see. 

Important things to know​

The templates do not include:

  • Website contents (writing, photography, video, etc.)
  • Creating your brand style for you (you’ll need to share your brand colors & fonts with me)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Purchase of any external tools or subscriptions (incl. but not exclusively Lodgify, Squarespace, Website Hosting, etc.)
  • Purchase of a domain
  • Purchase of Google Suite or email hosting
  • Licenses for any custom fonts, creatives or stock photography
  • Cost of Third-party plugins or integrations
  • Adjustments to Property pages, check-out or other non-editable Lodgify pages.
  • Third party integrations – even though you might see them on the designs, you will need to purchase the integration set-up from the add-on section. This currently applies to the following sections:
    • newsletter sign-up
    • reviews  ONLY IF you want them integrated with your Airbnb or (hard-coded reviews are included with the template)
  • Anything else that is not specifically mentioned in the “What’s included” section, is not included.

Getting your website live in just a couple of weeks is highly dependent on your feedback speed.
Once you handed in all documents, you can select a  project starting date. From that date it takes 2-3 weeks to go live.

Make sure to select a starting date where you know you’re available for fast feedback to make the process more smoothly.

If you miss your 3-week project window, you will need to schedule a new project date. 

If you don’t have a branding for your business yet (meaning brand colors and fonts), you can purchase my “Brand style assistance” add-on.

You’ll get a brand and design intake assignment and based on that I’ll create a color palette and select a font-style that matches your goals. You’ll have 2 feedback rounds before we implement it in your selected template. 

To get the project started, you’ll need to pay a deposit of 50%. On the go-live date, you’ll get the final invoice.

Payment is possible in most currencies, for non EURO payments a 3.6% payment fee applies.

Accepted payment forms:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Apple Pay/Google pay

*All prices seen are excluding taxes. Standard Dutch taxes of 21% apply if you are not a registered company.

To achieve a more custom look on your Lodgify website, we have to work with custom  code (HTML and CSS). 
Unfortunately this comes at a bit of a sacrifice when it comes to the ease of changing your contents after it’s build. Due to this it is less “easy” than a drag & drop editor.

While you are still able to edit your contents and images as needed, you will need to be a bit more aware of how you do this as you’ll be working in HTML.
While this may sound scary, once you know what you’re looking at, it really is very simple. 

You will receive video instructions and I’m happy to help you make changes where needed through regular support.

Yes, I do! Support is based on an hourly rate of €65/h, starting at €32,50. 

Feel free to reach out with any request and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Reach out

Due to the needed custom code approach of customizing Lodgify websites, it is not possible to easily switch between various templates. 

No. The Lodgify platform does not offer back-ups or history logs.  

Sorry, no returns or refunds due to the digital nature of the product.


Make your website more unique with by adding more custom elements to your site.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions:

Guidebook pages

Let people know what they can do in the area and give them your best recommendations!
Starting at €100,-*

*With a limit of 24 recommendations per page. If you need multiple guidebook pages, there is an additional fee of €45 per extra page. 
Services overview page

If you have additional services or add-ons that your guests can purchase you can add these to your services overview page. 

Automated reviews

Add all current and future reviews from your Airbnb and/or directly onto your Lodgify website.


*With a limited of implementing 9 properties. This requires you to purchase of an external tool starting at $6/month.
Instagram reel

Add your instagram reel to your website


*this requires you to purchase of an external tool starting at $6/month
Brand style assistance

This package is for you if you don’t already have a brand (color palette + font styles), or if you’d like to make changes to your brand. You’ll get an extended brand & design intake assignment, and based on that I’ll create a website color palette of max. 4 colours and your website Google font styles. You’ll have 2 feedback rounds in this.


Additional Languages Lodgify

If you have a multi-language target audience, you may want to get your website ready in multiple languages. 

€120,- per language

Newsletter subscription integration

Adding a newsletter sign up section on your homepage, based on your available mailing tool in the style of your selected template.


Looking for something more custom?

Get in touch to get a custom website on WordPress or Squarespace.